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This was so cute, my toes are cramping from the curl! Harumi is the perfect blend of fanatically obsessed super-fan and self-deprecating negative Nancy. His rapid high and lows are so funny. Sakaki was charming, and I adored his take charge attitude when Harumi tried to shut down during a meltdown . It was a perfectly paced, slower burn, full of sweet interactions and comedic monologues. Plus, there was nifty makeup application tricks and tips sprinkled throughout.
Idk what I was expecting when I went into this, but it definitely wasn't such a beautiful, funny, bittersweet story. It's a happy end for all, but sacrifice and pain is the name of the game and I was gripped on the razors edge wondering how it would all play out in their favor. TW: Sumito is still in HS during all this and Gaku is a crow demon of an undisclosed age, so if that makes you uncomfy, this ain't for you. There's violence throughout, toxic family dynamics, and physical and sexual assault/incest in the side couple story. Having said that, the overall vibe was full of love, devotion, justice and plenty of humor. The chibis were so stinking cute! Definitely worth the read.
I was in the mood for a cute but spicy office romance, without the power play/ boss dynamics, and this delivered! Plus, I love voice fetish themes, and Naoki's venture into naughty ASMR was adorable. Note: while Satomi was a total(ly sweet) puppy top, if pushy dubcon beginnings are not your cup of tea, this might not be the story for you. That being said, I loved the clear use of lube and actual foreplay for this series. (Despite the genre, it's almost a rare sighting lol.) The background characters (friends, coworkers, family) add extra humor and dimension, which is a huge plus; hate static players introduced for basically no reason.
This was so good, I'm just happy it was released all in one go, because I was edging my seat trying to race to the end and see how it all worked out. For those who are sensitive, yes this is consensual between the MC/ML, however the themes are what they are so there is some basic violence and there is one scene with forced oral (not ML), but otherwise it was a very sweet and dramatic and beautifully fun read. There was even a scenario that was handled way more maturely than I had ever expected. Also the steam factor from Taiga and Ren, whew lawd it was a feast. They are in love your honor and my only complaint was we didn't see the baby or the bump.
If you don't like drunken dub/non-con type of beginnings, it's best to just move along, this one isn't for you. That being said, I enjoyed this story; it was funny and steamy and didn't drag out unnecessary misunderstandings to cause hurt feelings (you'll see what I mean). I adored Asuka for the simple fact he was a humble fanboy (fun) who became a fudanshi (funner), and he had minor RBF going on, which are all weaknesses for me. Not enough stories with those themes, IMO. Plus, I love me a semi-sadistic bully top, and Takaomi was a perfect blend of sweet and sour. Always brings a smile to my face when they pull some shenanigans.
This is a very sweet and soft story, and the art really carries it far, as there isn't too much of a dramatic setup. Adanveld was a gorgeous sight to behold, and his hair gave me ENVY; just so long, so fabulous, so butterfly clip 90s, lol. Takara was full of the cliche doubts and questions, but otherwise it was a smooth read, with no struggles or emotional turmoil (for the reader). Minor dubcon to start (handy) but Adan backs off and doesn't push it until Takara asks in the end. The art is a true treat, FYI, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. This land of Moor is a botanical paradise.
I adored this sweet fluff, and it absolutely FED my size difference kink. Daiki is an ex-playboy turned puppy SIMP for his teeny cutie, Kanato. It's nothing but consensual thirst, foreplay and building of trust, so no worries about any drama or angst outside of making the magic stick fit. Minor TW: their 1st night is full of love, happiness and pleasure but there is some small spots on the sheets the next day, nothing actually depicted, nor was it obvious during. (Tbf, their size diff is pretty big.) Otherwise, enjoy this adorable and wholesome little love story.
This was super cute, and full of sweetness, chibi heads, and big eyed uke moments. It was barely dub, because both are so equally thirsty and in love (on the low) but both are technically lying to each other about motives, so if that's too much for you, idk, lol. Easy and smooth pacing, funny moments, and the love making was delicious! It's no great masterpiece, but it IS a good story, it is very sweet and I'm happy I bought vs rented because I can reread this for a warm & fuzzy vibe, later.
I am flipping TABLES RIGHT NOW, WHERE IS VOLUME 3?! I devoured both volumes in a single sitting and I desperately wish I could see where this is going! This is such a well written and perfectly paced story, and with amazing character building and background story. Volume 2 revealed some desperately needed information and we got to know when and where and why, finally. But there is like zero progress on the MC/ML front, still! The art is so good, and I cannot explain the way my BP was through the roof, and yet I was cracking up from the hilarious banter and shenanigans. Action scenes gave Rush Hour vibes with the unseriousness, lol. Ok now for the obvious tw: YES this is adopted-dad/son vibes (son crushes hard, no progress on that front tho) , YES this is age gap (IF they get together it's like 26 years lol), and YES, Ryu is 16 and is promiscuous. There are mature scenes, but it's between them and others, not each other. Ok now, VOLUME 3 WHEN?!
Steamy and enjoyable, this is longtime crush turned obsession, and I was SAT! The love and cuteness is there, but don't expect nothing but warm and fuzzies; this top is crazy eyes to the max and it's a love story that shows an alarming amount of focus, self control and hyperfixation in the name of being someone's rock, and personal healer. I enjoyed it immensely, but I like insane puppy tops who bully between the sheets, lol.