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Ksan Rating
Keeps getting better and better hehe. Also, the art is gorgeous.
Catattx13 Rating
I love Dom/Sub- verse series and this is a delicious feast for my non-con/dub-con soul. Asahina was a delightfully feisty uke and I loved seeing Suzuhara make a mess out of him as a sub. Other D/S series do a great job discussing boundaries and BDSM play dynamics; This one glosses over some of the finer points mid-story, and gives smutty satisfaction for those looking for a more forbidden side of the Verse. It ended right when it got good at chapter 6, though, and I desperately need more chapters about Asahina and Suzuhara! What happens next?!
Sarnokh Rating
Usually not much into Dom/Sub, but the drawings are excellent, there is some character developement even with the episodes mainly being about sex. Interesting characters and very detailled and captivating scenes.
Auroo Rating
It's weirdly wholesome lol I love it it's honestly really kinky and sort of consentual but either way it's SO GOOD I very much recommended if you like wholesome and cute story line and hard and kinky sex scenes ?
ValkyricReads Rating
Who doesn't love a little toxic yaoi? Very dubious as per usual in this trope and type of set up but like. You already know.
Amy Rating
It is so spicy and keeps you on edge which makes it better
Anju Rating
Apparently, my last review went against guidelines for some reason, so I'l make it short this time... The title was good. It was the reason I came here, and I don't regret the decision. Very nice work, good artwork. Apparently can't go into detail at all, so that's what I have.