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Andrea Rating
I saw a review of someone complaining about this title not being a "love story," but I think it is. It's a story about love and the different types of love you'll find in your life, specially when you're growing up and learning about yourself. That being said, it IS a slow burn, and before getting some romantic development, we get two amazing volumes with so much character development and amazing characters that give more depth and realism to the story. It's a story about learning to love yourself, how loving yourself allows you to love other people and how the relationships with them also shape you and your relationship with yourself. The friendships and characters are very wholesome.I might be biased because I love this title and joining the characters in their journey has been rewarding. So if you can afford it, and you like slow burns with lots of plot and character development, I can't recommend it enough!
tinabelcher99 Rating
Total waste of time. Literally nothing happened. It's called “Love Stories”, but no one falls in love. I kept waiting for the two main characters to even just acknowledge feelings for the other, and it never happened. There wasn't even an ending. I'd rate it 0 stars, if I could.
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
This was refreshing. It's exactly like the summary says. They become friends. It feels realistic. But, as friends, there is no love scenes, no kissing, not even a blush. So, if you are reading this for a spicy romance you will be disappointed.