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I saw a review already that said "really really good" and OMG YES! It's definitely everything I like!
This wasn't for me. I'm glad I only rented it. I'm sure there is someone out there that loves this, but I really disliked the main couple. I don't like the emotionally abused sugar baby trope and I don't like the the best friend using his seven year long crush as an excuse to sabotage relationships and be a horrible friend. They were both horrible characters that deserved each other and I quit reading when Kouji left because I wanted out of there too. I hope this book finds its very specific demographic. Recommend renting before buying.
Someone labeled it a NonCon and gave this a low score. But to be honest everything was consensual. It's just in the first chapter the big dumb idiot didn't know what he was consenting to. Love a Himbo. So in chapter 2, he is given a chance to back out properly, but he really needs the money. The story from then on is super cute. Couple of things were not as they originally seemed which I found interesting. Plus, rare to see a story with an masculine bottom and very feminine top, whom is almost always mistaken for a girl. So if you can make it through chapter 1, which seems like NonCon, until it is revealed that he signed a contract for a job without reading the job description. The story gets better with each new chapter after that.
Horror and Romance all in one sexy story! Absolutely amazing!
I love this! Fantasy world with romance, comedy, plot, and spicy interactions! This truly has it all! Only on chapter three, but I want it all!
Lots of heart ache in this story. Three main characters, but only two end up together. Over all feels sort of Melancholy. Okay rental. The intimate moments are not graphic and are depicted briefly. Some are not shown and are talked about by the characters after to let the reader know what happened. There are complete panels with no pictures that include only dialogue bubbles. Pretty bland over all. There is a lot better on this site.
There just arn't enough 5 star reviews to do this story justice!
I love this! I can't wait for more! These two are innocent freaks and this feel like it will get real kinky. I love a good fetish. There is also an age gap.This is everything I like.
I am a sucker for a fetish. This is an Oral fixation. I love this story! It hits all the marks for me.
This is everything I love about yaoi! This story is my new personal favorite!
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