User Reviews For: The Corporate Slave Wants to be Fucked by the Extremely Sadistic Gangster


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Not what I expected! I was ready for something darker than what I got was something that was surprisingly sweet! Miki had his moments where he was extremely possessive but not in the way that most possessive tops make me a little a little uncomfortable. Hell I can see where he felt justified. Miki really does go from “this is just a dude” to Tokyo drifting into the room to get his hands on HashibaHashiba is not exactly upset by it but he just wants to clean the house too. Very fun read deeply enjoyed it Ah right- sex scenes are very good
Catattx13 Rating
This had me smiling so much. A lot of unexpected cuteness and the seme is like a pleasure dom, which was a lovely surprise. While there are some side eye moments initially, Miki is besotted with Hashiba, and the vibes are all cutesy and silly. Chapter 5 has a noncon moment when jealousy and misunderstandings come to a head, and Miki goes nuts on Hashiba, but per the usual, it's not addressed and it doesn't affect the love confessions in the following chapters. C'est la vie. The chibi and silly schticks in the background helped with the light vibes. Plus, the art is great, I really enjoyed the whole story visually.