User Reviews For: Gunshot and Panting - Let Me Hear Them Every Time I Shoot


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MissAndy Rating
This is hands down, one of the best mangas I've read on this site! And I've been an avid reader for years. It's sexy, steamy, cute, and consensual. I wish there were more mangas like this out there! Also, the ml is soooo hot. I could totally eat him up if he was real. Anyways, the pacing is nice and the character development is even better then most smutty stories I've read.
HomeWitx Rating
Saw an ad for this, read the preview and was hooked. Next thing I new I had bought $30 in points to read it for full. It was addicting. Well worth it. I've read plenty of spicy 18+ series and it's been a while since I've read a good one. The scenes are spicy and the characters are slowly growing personally. It's also from a favorite mangaka. I highly recommend it.
Meow Rating
I absolutely love this! I hope there's more but it really made me giggle and kick my feet under my sheets >< 11/10 I love both our main characters chemistry, love life and story!
Profesora Rating
Very cute art! The ML had such cute expressions, and the FL is cute and likable. Steamy, consensual smut??
Opr4h Rating
Spoiler-ish: Details about charactersLol the author at the end of chapter 6 listed Himeno's bday as March 3rd, but in the recent chapter is Nov. 22nd the same as Kenyuu's. Idk if that was typo, but I thought I mistook it.
Monayah Rating
Am currently on chapter 10 and enjoying it.
klaude Rating
Funny cute interesting couple story
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