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Rezi Rating
I really hope there's another volume to this! That ending just felt like a cliff hanger ?? Ruii is too adorable and Ritsu is hecka rough but he's trying to suppress it way too much!! Like I understand their wants and needs not being a fit but I feel like this may be a sub-drop for Rui and I would hate for him to experience that ??
yellowdoors Rating
It's so good I want to cry ? such beautiful sub/dom dynamics. It's beautiful, the drama of caring for each other to much. The bottom is adorable and the top is sweet as a peach. I would recommend not reading this until it is completed, because I have never been so frustrated after cliffhanger When it's completed, please, please please read it!
CM Rating
So very happy that Renta is continuing with this series. I can't tell if this is the last volume but the ending is satisfying enough. Despite the predictable BL tropes about childhood experiences influencing one's current state, there is more depth and sensitivity than usual in the explanation. This author understands very well the perspective of the 'sub' and the strength that is present in the partner who wants to be dominated. Definitely a series that rewards re/reading.