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This was absolutely precious! If you are into kink in real life this is technically super vanilla, but it does have those kink dominant and submissive role plays and dynamics in it in the most precious and loving way possible. This Manga definitely made me squirm, but because it was so fucking adorable ? 10/10!
It is super hot, But it is also super stressful. The trauma between the brothers is a little much for me. I read all the way to chapter 6.
What a cute and perfect monger read with a super sexy demon and a nerd who is super shy. If you were looking for a sexy read with amazing art, this is it!
This was one of the best comics I have ever read. It was so cute, the storyline was absolutely perfect. The art was spectacular, and the characters were just so cute. The top He's definitely autistic so he misses a lot of social cues in a really endearing and cute way. 10 out of 10 I will be rereading this again!
This is one of the cutest and most romantic manga I've ever read. It just has a little bit of tension that really elevates lovey-dovey aspect of it, and sexy integrate 10 out of 10
I only read the first chapter, I thought the art was great. The smart scenes for really well drawn. However there was a lot of non-consent and that made me extremely uncomfortable so I'm not going to be reading the rest of the chapters.
Just. Amazing. No more words needed.
I think this was one of the most perfect comics I've ever read. The top was so loving and sweet, yeah he did have a bit of a devilish side to him. The bottom was unbelievably cute, his sweetness was exploding from the page. The storyline was so well thought out and the sex scenes fit in perfectly and didn't feel rushed 10 out of 10. I can't believe this manga is not more expense. I will be rereading it.
This comic was so cute, extremely wholesome, the artwork was fantastic, and just enough sex scenes. It was really perfect. I loved it how the author got so much information into just 36 pages for each chapter and at the end I didn't feel like anything was rushed and the story was completely resolved. I am happy that I bought this because I will be rereading it.
One of the best mangas I have ever read! So cute, perfect level of smut. Beautiful art. I already can't wait to read it again!
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