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“It's over” I said sadly when I read the last chapter, oh my gosh it is so cute!! It has plot, cute characters, amazing sex scenes! 10\10 I will be reading this again ?
It was truly the perfect cute short story with some rated r scenes :)
This market is so cute and adorable I loved every page of it. It's extremely relevant the story and plot line thickens immensely all of the side characters are great. I would highly recommend this for anybody that was a cute romantic love story!
It was so cute, a true love story and it brought me so much joy
This was a classic wonderful story,The main love interest was all about consent. Being warm and loving. I absolutely loved this Manga. It is so very cute and lewd!
This was super cute and really hot! The age difference was a bit drastic. Over all I'm glad I bought it and didn't rent it!
In so glad I purchased this instead of renting it! It's so good!!!
The short stories where weird and great! Warning there is a poly couple with twins. The art was great too
I can't wait to read more with this author has to offer!! What a beautiful story
What a wonderful and cute story! It is completed but no wish it was longrr!! Really lovely characters too.
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