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It's so good I want to cry ? such beautiful sub/dom dynamics. It's beautiful, the drama of caring for each other to much. The bottom is adorable and the top is sweet as a peach. I would recommend not reading this until it is completed, because I have never been so frustrated after cliffhanger When it's completed, please, please please read it!
??? literally, this was so cute and adorable that I cried at the end. I have never read a manga where there is a plus size character. That is not a joke, we need more mongo like this! I am so excited to see more from this author,
Suuuuupper cute. Absolutely loved it. The art is amazing. A bit over priced but I'm glad I bought it!
Absolutely freaking adorable, this is so cute. The artwork is amazing. And it is super dirty!It's not complete yet, so just be careful!
THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD. WORTH EVERY PENNY. This is a story I will think about for the days to come and will reread. I'm really really excited for the next one.
It's soooo good! The characters are so freaking cute. Super smutty cute read with the perfect amount of story line to get sucked in quick ?
I cannot believe there is only one chapter! In less than 30 pages, I am absolutely hooked, and cannot wait to binge the series!
This was absolutely precious! If you are into kink in real life this is technically super vanilla, but it does have those kink dominant and submissive role plays and dynamics in it in the most precious and loving way possible. This Manga definitely made me squirm, but because it was so fucking adorable ? 10/10!
It is super hot, But it is also super stressful. The trauma between the brothers is a little much for me. I read all the way to chapter 6.
What a cute and perfect monger read with a super sexy demon and a nerd who is super shy. If you were looking for a sexy read with amazing art, this is it!