User Reviews For: Reborn As The Villainous Rival Adored By The Powerful Role-Breaking Prince


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randumbpho Rating
I love Umenokoppe's works and so excited to finally see an official English release for this short series. If you're not familiar their works, be ready for male yandere leads and dubcon/noncon, great art and a story that will give you feels. It may not be for everyone but if these are your kink, you will be satisfied with this meal and come back for more.
Monayah Rating
Super disappointed that I paid and it ends on a cliffhanger, despite the website saying it's completed.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Next chapters where are youuuuuu? I'm loving this!!! The art style is so good. The mmc is so cute. Ch. 2 has a very questionable scene and iykyk, but I'm down. Really want to know why Noah is deviating from the original script and is all about Mia our N. P. C. Can't wait for ch. 3!!!!
Luluna2000 Rating
Ahh, this was such a delicious treat to read! Definitely true to the dubcon and yandere warning, but it's fairly light compared to other stories. The main female lead is really likeable and the twist of the latest chapter was thrilling. I can't wait to see the conclusion
MissAndy Rating
I absolutely love this story. I like the plot and the character development is well done. I'm very intrigued to see what happens next.