User Reviews For: The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride Brothers of Bha'Khar I


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1ch1me Rating
Jessica went to the hometown of her mother, the Kingdom of Bha'kar, to meet her relatives. When she arrived there, a very handsome man, welcomed her at the airport. He complimented how beautiful of a lady she is, but then made fun of how it was her first time in an airplane. She asked why are they not going to see her relatives first, but go straight to the Palace. As they were on their way, he introduced himself as the second son of the King of Bha'kar, Amaal. His name is Sheikh Kardhal Hourani, but as for Jessica, she said that he's known as "the playboy Prince." Afterwards, Kardhal told her, "You are my bride." Anyways, read this why he said that and also see if he's really a "playboy Prince." I can conclude that he can love one woman with all his heart despite how he seems to be so cold on the outside. Also, see how he chased for Jessica, who was leaving. Tearful, but very sweet ending! Lovely story plus great artwork equals 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
the drawing is well awesome i guess u could say, im always a sucker for sheikh story, its sucks that royal or whoever were responisble for the paperworks had to lie to her but things worked out well this manga is pretty good i love this manga
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