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1ch1me Rating
Sabina Smith and Brice McAllister was introduced to each other by Sabina's soon-to-be-husband, Richard Raisome. Brice is a renowned painter and was asked by Richard to paint a portrait of Sabina. Brice have not decided yet to paint a portrait of Sabina, but Brice then said, "If you give me your phone number, I think we can arrange a day for the sketch. Sabina didn't like the way Brice's cold eyes looked at her like he was judging her worth, so she'll pretend she's out when Brice calls. However, Brice is really persistent, so he went to where Sabina lives. They had tea together, talked about things. Anyways, the story was good, so if you're wondering why Sabina is engaged with Richard and how will Sabina developed her feelings toward Brice, then you need to read this! It's a good story with good artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
at first i thought what a snob but later in story i understood why she had this cold mask on, its good that everything goes well for her now
oathbreaker1 Rating
Seduction when does it happen is it the smell of perfume or a glance into their eyes. Or could it be the lure of forbidden fruit. We have two people that are drawn to each even though it is not the best thing to have in their life at this time. Why you ask she is engaged while he is a painter who wants to draw her. Now try to get through that with all the stuff their family is throwing at them. Who said being beautiful makes your life easy and problem free. So please sit down take a break away from that crazy life and just find true love.
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