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1ch1me Rating
It's another historical type of harlequin manga to read! This one sets in the year of 1815. The story's female lead, Katherine, just lost her brother. Now that the manor they were living in is now owned by her uncle. She's treated like some servant by her uncle's family. She thought of living on her own, but Tilly told her to seek help from Major Adam Calthorpe. She then sent him a letter, but her uncle's son saw it, then he did something to it! Anyways, I suggest that you read it to see what that guy did to her, ugh! He's despicable! Thank god Adam saw them before something happened to her. He took her with him. For the second volume, Adam's ex showed up and I was just so angry seeing him smile with that woman! Ugh! Vice versa, Adam's best friend, Ivo, seemed to get along with Katherine! How I enjoyed that part where he was worried about Katherine being with another man. It was long, but I enjoyed it! Both story and artwork were great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
i will admit shes one tough nut allright, it was good that she held out or all of it would have been a waste
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