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1ch1me Rating
I like how the story started in a kind of like a will/qualifications for Clarissa's husband-to-be. Clarissa is being cornered by her cousin telling her that she has no choice, but to marry him. However, Clarissa told him that she'll never do what he says. She ran out and asked Phyllis that if she already told Hugh Richfield that Clarissa had something to tell him. Clarissa decided that Hugh is the perfect husband for her because he lost all of his money!? Well, there seems to be something else behind why she wants Hugh to marry her, and you'll find out if you read this! Anyways, Clarissa told Hugh that her cousin is forcing her to marry him. Hugh then told her that if they are going to get married, he'll expect her to satisfy him as a wife would a husband. They sealed the 'deal' with a kiss. I suggest you read this to find out Hugh's feelings for her even way back!? I like the story and totally enjoyed it plus it has great artwork too, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
it was good that clarissa were able to ease hugh's negative feeling and i gotta say she got guts for jumping in front of gun, i dont lol
bethelove Rating
In this hictorical romance story is awesome - Clarissa and Hugh make wonderful couple in this story.
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