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1ch1me Rating
Mandy Crawford has a son named Josh, he may not be her real son, but she promised her late best friend that she'll treat him like her own son. They live in Texas with happiness until a visitor appeared, Second Prince Stephan Reynard, claiming that Josh is a rightful heir to the throne. Read the preview to see what they both talked about. However, I suggest reading the whole story to see how Mandy acted towards him after he said, "DNA test will make things clear." I've gotta tell you, though, I love Mandy's character. She's a strong-willed woman, and I like how she's acting towards a prince! Back to the story, you'll see how Stephan fell for Mandy, but denies it because he doesn't want to repeat his brother's mistakes! Anyways, you'll see if he could suppress his feelings for her or not. Nevertheless, the ending was great! Great story and artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
i will admit she need to calm down a bit instead of jumping over the consequences and judge by cover, but im glad they were able to come to understanding of each other and compromise for the kid
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