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1ch1me Rating
Emma Thurman's family is facing bankruptcy, and the only way to save her family is to find a wealthy husband! They're going to London, but they're trapped in a lodge by a blizzard. She, who has never fallen in love, would have liked to have to fall in love just once. At night, during a strong blizzard, she went outside. She saw how beautiful the stars are, and there she met a man, then he kissed her on the lips after learning her name. Moving on to 12 years later, Emma and Jorgina, her late husband's daughter, went to the castle of Baron Grayston to meet the brother of Jorgina's fiance. Things happened while they're at the castle. While Emma was strolling, she met a man there, it's Alexander Grayston. Anyways, it was such a lovely story about 2 people who fell for each other the first time they met, separated for over a decade already, but their love for each other must've pulled them back together again! 5 stars for the wonderful story with great artwork! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
who would have thought love at first sight would hold out that long and that was good that they were able to reunite at last after a long time aparted, theres saying looks isnt everything this manga just proved that
oathbreaker1 Rating
I have always loved history and this feeds that love. Women at this point in time did not have any rights only those given to them by their husbands, brothers or fathers. To have the strength to hold onto a love for that many years is amazing and wonderful. This era in history i have always enjoyed the good and bad it was a time when the storm of world war had not changed us yet. So enjoy this innocent, captivating period of time. See my moto is take a look at the past to see what the future holds for us. And it is never to late for love.
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