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1ch1me Rating
Valerie is the eldest of the Bloomfield family and an executive of CHIPS, Inc. When she left to see her ailing father, she left a message for the CEO, "I'll be back as soon as I've finished this errand." She might be ice-cold when she's at work, but they don't know that she's really worried about her ailing father. Things happened, then Colby told her that her father is worried that she aren't married yet and seemed to think that Valerie should marry Colby. Colby told her that they should "put on a show" when her father brings it up again. Moving on, she suddenly decides to look for a better heart surgeon, but Colby was really a top surgeon. Then finally, she admitted that Colby Winston is really attractive. Will these two who have different views about marriage attract each other? Well, all I could say is that I enjoyed reading it and I suggest you read it to see how Colby finally admitted his love. The story and artwork were great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
lovemekyoya Rating
Never would have thought that the most stuck up Daughter was the most fragile love it recommend it to everyone
chicobaby04 Rating
at first i thought what a snob. then again that was probably because she was married to her job but im glad they were able to thaw each others heart and decided to go together im glad he stopped her in time. i would hate to see whats going to happen if he didnt
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