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1ch1me Rating
Penny-Rose O'Shea is a female stone-waller. She may seem untidy by the way she looks, but she's a real beauty! Afterwards, she was summoned by Her Royal Majesty Marguerite. She went to meet Her Majesty with filthy clothes, not knowing, Prince Alastair de Castaliae was also there. He went straight to the point, "I would like you to marry me. For just one year." She thought he was joking, so she ran away. The prince followed her and explained why he asked her to marry him. He has a fiancee, but in my opinion, Penny-Rose is more beautiful than her! Well, as they go with the plan, they started to dine out together, went shopping, and also had picnic. Anyways, I suggest you read the whole story to see how the 'hired princess' became a real princess at the end! It's a great story and great artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! The ending was so great! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
im glad that they both were able to come to love each other after the marriage and also im glad prince let her do her old job despite her title
bethelove Rating
Awesome story about two different people are able to love.
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