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1ch1me Rating
Taye is looking for a 'female roommate' because she needs someone to share the payment of the luxurious apartment with. There was a person who turned up to be her roommate, but he's a male. She didn't even agree with him to be her roommate yet, but he just barged in. You'll see on the preview, moving on, Taye and Magnus Ashthorpe are now roommates. On the other hand, Taye has a lot of wealthy suitors. I've got to say this, at least, it's a long story until the time when their feelings for each other develops. However, I like how the story went, it was not only focused on their love story, but also about other things like family issues and the like. I suggest you read it to see how they developed feelings for each other and what made Magnus inquire the apartment!? It was a nice story, for me, and good artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! Great ending! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
at first when i see the title i thought this going to be good manga and then i read it, well i cant really say i like it, i find my eyes waver to read something else, i wouldnt recommend this manga
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