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1ch1me Rating
The story started with Honor visiting her mother's grave. It's been a month since her mother passed away. Back to their restaurant, customers tell her that she's always so energetic. When a song came up, which was one of her mom's favorites, they all became quiet. Honor may seem like that around them, but when she's alone, she cries. When she was outside crying, a man came to her and pat her on the head. His name is Trace Logan and seems like she approached her because someone told him to. He went back there and talked about things with Honor. Moving on, they went on a date and they looked so happy together. But when Honor found out who Trace is and what was he doing at Texas, she looked really sad. Anyways, I suggest you read this to see why she decided to meet her grandfather and to also see how their love progressed along with some danger ahead!? The ending was so sweet! Story and artwork were both great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
oathbreaker1 Rating
Excitement danger and drama. So how would like it if you found out that the person who raised you was not your real mother and she had stole you from your parents long ago. Now that is part of the story also you have a romantic interest along with relatives who do not want you. And then you have another mystery which i will not give away if you want to know you have to read so sit down and read now while enjoying a glass of wine.
chicobaby04 Rating
thats good that she was able to reunited with her bio family but its sad that there are people that gets greedy and harm others even if they were innocent
bethelove Rating
Very nice story about truth and love all coming together...
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