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1ch1me Rating
Leonora Winston is a college history professor, but suddenly got a call from a renowned actress, Rachel Richmond. Rachel has a son named Luke Richmond, but the identity of his father is unknown. When Leonie and Luke met each other for the first time, they just didn't gel along with each other. Leonine was asked to write about Rachel's biography, but Luke is against it. He confronted her not to do the biography, however, Leonie still decided to write it. Anyways, if you read the whole story, you'll find out Luke's secret, if Leonie really likes Jeremy or not, and how Luke fell in love with her, but tried not to? Why? Well, it's because he thought that she was...!? You'll find out when you read this wonderful story! I enjoyed reading it! It's such a wonderful story with such great artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! The ending was sad, but also a sweet and happy one! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
Rachel asked leonie to write biography about her life, including the secrets about luke after a bit of disagreement between leonie and luke leonie finally accept the job and she was entrusted with rachels diaries, and she brought dairies home with her, her best friend jeremy saw the dairies and then somehow the info were leaked, whats going to happen? what will happen between luke and leonie? whats the secret? curious? come and read
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