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1ch1me Rating
This is a story of two people whose social status are so different. Karina is a princess of Nabotavia and is about to get married by winter, on the other hand, Jack Santini was hired to be Karina's bodyguard. Before that, though, they already met, but didn't know who each other were or what their statuses were. When it was the time they are going to be introduced to one another, Jack was surprised to find out that 'one of the princess's maid' is actually the princess! Anyways, what I hated about this was her aunt who makes me so angry! However, the story still went the way I wanted to end, that's why I really enjoyed and loved reading it! Along the story, of course, Jack was only focused on his job to protect the princess, but when boys from noble families gathered up around her, he seemed to get jealous. Well, I suggest you read it to see for yourself how their love prevailed despite their differences in status. Great story and artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
lovemekyoya Rating
A princess falling for her bodyguard omg omg omg love develops yay princess
chicobaby04 Rating
it was good that the bodyguard was able to point out the weakness in the security system you never know when one need it the most. anyway this manga is pretty good. made me wonder if jack knew room was princess when he first come in would he do such thing or not lol but thats good it works out in good way
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