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1ch1me Rating
Hannah Hudson was being insulted by one of her colleagues at work, so she decided to quit her job. That guy, Milo, said to his colleagues along with the president, Roth Jerric, that it was hard turning her into serious arm candy. They were all laughing, even Roth Jerric gave a cold smile. Moving on, she's now staying at the Blue Moon Inn. She was told by Joan, the owner, to take a walk in the garden, she went, but unexpectedly met her previous boss, Roth Jerric, there. He's gonna be staying there for about 2 wks. Back to the inn, Joan was surprised when Roth told her that he and Hannah met each other there and had a conversation under the blue moon. Anyways, it's said that "any couple who meet underneath the blue moon will be bound together forever!" I suggest you read this to see if the legend is true or if they even believe in the "blue moon's magic!" Great ending! It was a nice story and great artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
theres blue moon legendary at where hannah and jerric is staying along the path the inn owner are on verge of bankruptcy hannah found out jerric was only here to buy the land and inn so he can turn it into a condo that made hannah mad what will she do to help the owner to keep inn? will they get along? is it destiny? whats going to happen? curious? come and read
lovemekyoya Rating
It was okay in the fact that falling in love on the second full moon was romantic but not with your former boss
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