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1ch1me Rating
The story is about two single parents, but loving parents to their daughters, met in an unexpected rainy day! Well, Leone Meredith got married 13 years ago, but failed, leaving her a daughter, Sonia. On the other hand, Daniel Raife is a wealthy, handsome man. Afterwards, Daniel wanted Lee to take the shots for a magazine. And there he apologized for what happened at their first meeting. Times passed, it's time to deliver the photos taken, Mark, her younger volunteered to do it because he's attracted to Phoebe. Then, Daniel called and thought that Lee was avoiding him. He was saying things to her, but suddenly said, "I'm still attracted to you. Lee. I'm not giving up." Well, I've got to say this though, if you want to know how they were brought together, I suggest you read it! There's also a "side story" that made them closer to each other! What a happy ending for the both of them! It was such a nice story with an awesome artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
both could have avoided the accident easily if they didnt assume, anyway because of that the love were born both single once divorced parent both have daughter daniel decided to have lee the one to take pictures of him for magazines and lee took pic of phoebe and they came out so great, and that lead phoebe to be a model now theres trouble between the family. how are they going to work it out? and phoebe and mark eloping? whats going to happen? what will daniel and lee do? curious? come and read
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