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1ch1me Rating
Sam McKenna and Anna Riggs just don't get along together! Sam McKenna is now a celebrity doctor in London, while Anna is a doctor at the clinic that's owned by Anna's father and Sam's father. David, Sam's father is the other doctor at the clinic, but then had to go on vacation with his wife. She asked who will replace David for the summer, but he didn't answer her question. When she came back, the temporary doctor was there, it's none other than Sam! She didn't like the idea since they'll be filming at the same time. She really can't stand him. Her plan to buy a house fell through, so she went back to where she was living, the house of Sam's family. Anyways, you'll find out how Sam fell for her and how Anna realized her feelings for him! And you'll also see how they lived under the same roof! The ending was great! Both were great; the story and artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
sams father and mother is going out on a summer vacation so he brought sam in as his replacement but anna and sam or rather anna cant get along with sam and with lot of ppl around for filming the show is not helping any, and whats more anna found out she has to share the place with sam too whats going to happen? can they get along? will there be fight? will there be a love ? curious? come and read
oathbreaker1 Rating
Now here are two people that you would think will never get along at all. It is a nice sweet story and I think there could be more drama too it but it is good for what it is. The plot was kinda of thin for me there are times when you did not like either one of them but as it turns out they had more in common then they thought.
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