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1ch1me Rating
I really enjoyed reading this story! It was really different from the other harlequin manga that I have read. The story goes like this: Susannah Hall has finally became an editor and was going to promote her book, but a man, Kane Wilder, suddenly came up to her. He told her that she looks the kind of woman who's good at seducing men and told her that, "keep your hands off my brother." They moved to the party venue, an abandoned house. There she saw a portrait of a woman wearing the same necklace she's wearing. Then someone's calling her name, Kane followed, and a light shined. They went back in time, year of 1884! She was called there by 'Elsbeth', the woman in the portrait, to help her clear her name. Anyways, read this very good story to see what exactly happened. See how they managed to live in a different time and how they fell for each other? 2 thumbs up for the ending, for me! Story and artwork were good, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
lovemekyoya Rating
Traveling in time and developing love between each other over a necklace highly recommend
chicobaby04 Rating
reminds me of time machine, but this story is kinda boring i dont really recommend this manga
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