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1ch1me Rating
Jessica Devlin, 29, is a fashion designer from Australia and also owner of the company, Wave. She went to a small seaside Principality of Alp'Azuri to buy fabrics, but unfortunately got into a car accident. The other car's driver, Sarah, died. She was about to get married next day to Prince Raoul Louis d'Apergenet. Jessica woke up at their castle and Raoul was there. Jessica blamed herself, but Raoul pointed out that it was Sarah's own fault for drunk driving and said he wasn't blaming Jessica. Until Jessica recovers, she stayed at the castle. While they were all dining together, a man barged in saying that the castle is going to be his, thanks to her. Well, if Raoul remains as an unmarried Prince, he'll have to give up the castle and title. After Jessica met his nephew, Edward, she asked Raoul if they could get married for Edward's sake and for the country. Anyways, read it to see for yourself what exactly happened to them! Story and artwork were great! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
this is a decent story but somewhat tragedy, husband left the wife when their son was in hospital she ended up losing everything and later on she ended up being in car accident which caused one fatal which she blamed herself for and prince assured her that it was not. and while prince take her in the care during the recovery, whats going to happen? will they fall in love with each other? curious? come and read
lovemekyoya Rating
A woman losing everything and then falling in love with a prince....... love the sori line and how love brings people together even when it's undeveloped
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