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chicobaby04 Rating
abbie and jarrett sure clashed head on to each other jarrett is in canada for business and met friend of his coincidence at hotel and sat down with them at dinner along with abbie and what he did not know abbie was the one he looking for, after bad mouthing her later jarrett found out abbie was the one he looked for whats going to happen? will abbie sell hotel to him? or will he win her over? curious? come and read
oathbreaker1 Rating
When i read this story I was somewhat deceive about whether I should like the hero at all. His preconceived notions where a little over the top. In fact I wish those hard times for people did not happen but as we know that does not happen. It is always about the journey in life that helps you find the way to true love. Light a fire so you can feel the true warmth of this story, enjoy.
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