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1ch1me Rating
Ethan is not looking for a wife, but he's doing it for his children, Emma and Tom, to have a 'mother' as they grow up, since their real mother died. Hannah Smith, their nanny, was asked to get married by his employer, Ethan Kemp! 6 months later, they got married, but Ethan still loves his late wife, Catherine, so Hannah is a wife only in name. Hannah is now called as "Mom" by Emma and Tom. They all eat breakfast together. Hannah takes Emma to school and she also has responsibilities as a wife to a lawyer like going to parties, etc. She wanted to be close to Ethan, so she married him. She also fell for him at first sight, but can't take it anymore because the the "wedding ring will never become real!" Anyways, when you read this, you'll see how Hannah desires Ethan, and also see how Hannah's change of image made Ethan fall for her! It's a great story and very nice artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
a while after kids losing mother ethan thought its time to find new mother and ethan made an agreement with hannah to marry him but only on paper little he did know she loved him is the reason she accepted, catherines mother could not accept hannah, there happens to be a twist plot down the path what will they do? will they fall in love? curious? come and read
lovemekyoya Rating
From babysitter to wife....... will love develop......yes it did omg omg love it so much
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