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1ch1me Rating
Christina Howard, 23, is really such a tomboy, like the synopsis had stated. The story started with her at the bank to withdraw money, but can't! She was angry while leaving the bank, so she "swung the revolving doors open as hard as she could" and that's how she met a really handsome man. He's called, Master Luc Henri, by the people at the bank. Afterwards, she left, but Luc followed her and they had coffee together. They had conversations together. She told him how she loves her job and Luc told her, "You're an interesting girl." Anyways, if you read this, you'll see how they meet again after Christina rejected the money from Luc! You'll also see how surprised Christina was when she got to know who Luc really is! Last, but not the least, see how their love for each other prevailed, despite their differences in social status. I enjoyed reading it! It was a lovely story with a great artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! Highly recommended!
chicobaby04 Rating
christina is one of crew for ship but she were stranded in athens with only 20 dollars for 2 weeks and is not able to get money out of saving account and paperwork will take about 2 weeks, she walked out in ager after doing paperwork and she ran into luc who happens to be the prince. and luc offered to help her but to no avail, whats going to happen next? will he continue pursuing her? will they fall in love? come and read its pretty good story
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