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Steffstar Rating
Honestly, not a fan. The basic story is Terry is in love with J.B., who has been her guardian for a long time. J.B. is in love with Terry, but for reasons of his own can't act on it. Sounds romantic, but it's how it plays out that annoys me. For one, J. B. basically assaults Terry at random times. He kisses and fondles her and then pushes her away like it's her fault. Several times he says hurtful things to her (and this is not just the big fight that causes her to crash her car). I did not like J.B. Frankly, I think she should have fallen for Grange, who was much more of a gentleman.
Guest Rating
Love this story. From the paperback to it's manga form.
1ch1me Rating
Terry's legal guardian are Marge and Marge's brother, J.B. Hammock. Her father was working on J.B.'s ranch before, but he disappeared abandoning Terry and her mother. After her mother died, she lived in a foster home, but when a boy attacked her when she was 14, J.B. took her to their house. Not only Terry discovered his weak side, but she's also the only one who can handle him. Terry is actually in love with JB. Terry thought that JB missed her college graduation, but he was there! He gave her a present and she said, "Thank You", but JB kissed her on the lips! But then JB tells her, "I'll never love just one woman as long as I live" Anyways, the story really goes well with the title, HEARTBREAKER because you'll see how JB broke, not only Terry's heart, but also mine, the reader! I feel for her! You'll also see what exactly happened while she had an amnesia. Well, the ending made me smile, though! Overall, story and artwork were great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
terry was in love with jb for long time and still clinging to him and he tries to push her away but to no avail one day when marge had heart attack terry rushed in jbs house to inform jb and instead she walked in on jb and his girlfriend, overwhelmed with guilty he snapped and yelled at her and shut her out terry was hurt and ran out and drove but ended up in ditch and jb went to hospital after maid told him terry came to tell him about marge. and seeing doc bringing terry in unconscious he lost his mind, whats going to happen? will jb still keep her out of his life? or will he give in to the feeling he had ? come and find out
lovemekyoya Rating
Omg he felt like a cheating husband then he shouldn't have done it in the first place I'd he was going to regret it but love makes a man go crazy omg love it though
oathbreaker1 Rating
You have to read this because it is such a wonderful story. why you ask first of all cowboys are amazing while the art work is quite good. Then the story has quite a bit of punch to it. If some one kept rejecting you would you have the courage to keep pursuing them or would you give up. There is plenty of guilt and mud slinging ( i know you may not think that is a word but to me it is more direct). When is the pain of loving someone to painful do give up or keep fighting for it. This story may answer some of those questions for you. Hang on and enjoy the story for sometimes in life you have to endure hardships to get what you want.