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1ch1me Rating
This story is about Cameron Calder, a charismatic, wealthy man, and Alessandra, a beautiful, talented woman. Their first meeting wasn't that great. Cameron kept on asking to see Alessandra, but she turned it down. He heard her and said, "I bet it would be exciting to work with you." This and that happened at the office, until a week has passed that she didn't see him. Until Cameron barged in to her office asking if she missed him, but of course, she said no, however with a blushing face. He, then, kissed her and that marked the start of their intimate relationship. Until, he asked her to marry, though, at first, she said no, but accepted it afterwards. Anyways, lots of events happened like how Cameron was angry, because of Alessandra's boss that calls her honey and there's also that female driver/pilot of his that angers me! Read this story to see what exactly happened to their marriage life. It was a great story and great artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
its another example of how too long long distance marriage wouldnt work out, they see less of each other and things werent getting better and due to some misunderstanding which make things worse. whats going to happen what will they do to make it work? come read i like this story its pretty good
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