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1ch1me Rating
Kathleen Mavourney was called by Sister Cecily to go to an audition and sing "Absence" accompanied by Sister Cecily's violin. Kathleen was surprised because she can't do an audition because she was thinking about her legs that can't stand for a long time. And that's her biggest problem, her legs. They went, anyway, to London, West End where Morgan Llewellyn is at. He's a musical composer. When he heard her sing, he ask for Kathleen and Sister Cecily to his room for a discussion. He said he can't use her. Things happened until Morgan made a promise, "As long as you're with me, I will give you the best voice training available." Days passed until they spent a night together. Anyways, you'll see what exactly happened when you read this harlequin manga. I would say that it was a nice story and the artwork was good. I rate it 5 stars, simply because it was a good story to read! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
this story is all right, i am not fan or opera storyline is nice though
lovemekyoya Rating
A famous orphan helps out one of his own and falls in love never expected it and love it so much
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