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1ch1me Rating
Meg spent one one night with Jack Tarkenton, a playboy, the first time they met. She got pregnant 5 years ago. She decided to keep it, but she won't reveal who the child's real father is. She then married Allen Betz, however, he died 5 years later. At the funeral, Jack showed up and she was surprised! She and her daughter, Katie went home. She was surprised when Jack was there at their house. Jack tells Meg that he knows Katie is his daughter! Meg denies it, but Jack told her that all the women he was with were all investigated to avoid trouble!? He then tells Meg that he wants to live with Katie to make up for the 4 years they live apart. Then he suddenly proposes to her, but Katie refused. He gave her time to think, and Katie agreed, but he'll have to wait since her husband just died. Anyways, you'll see what exactly happened when you read the whole story! It's a good story and good artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
after meg's fling at her brother's wedding she finds out she were pregnant and she decided to keep secret about who the father was and married some other man and 5 years later they met again after meg's husband's funeral he confronted into her that he knows katie is his daughter and he wants to live with her so what is meg going to do? will she allow jack to live with them both? or will they fall in love? its decent story not great but decent
lovemekyoya Rating
Wasn't all that interesting but loved it and I would recommend it to everyone
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