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Sam Rating
This is a good manga to read, good story and art :)
1ch1me Rating
Amelia Anne Beauchamp, 29, lives with her aunties, Willy and Rosie. The story starts off with Amelia getting scolded because of how she eats. Amelia has a secret, at night, she dresses in sexy outfits, which is not approve by her aunt Willy if she were to see it. A night when she was in a hurry, she tripped into Tyler Dean. Then, Tyler told his friend, "I'd die for the chance to see her again." Now that's what you call 'love at first sight!' At the bar she works, Tyler went with his friend! Tyler said, "I want you!" Amelia told him that her name is "Amber." Things happened like, both of them going on a date together. Wanting to keep him from knowing that she's just a 'boring librarian', what will she do now that, suddenly, Tyler said, "Liars are the kind of people I hate the most." Anyways, you'll see what exactly happened to their love story once you read it! It's a really great story to read and the artwork was also great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
amelia runs double life in very small town where gossips spreaded easily she lives with two aunt who is old fashioned, to save up money to get car she had to run double life and at bar where amelia work as amber ran into tyler and he got interested in her and later on he found out amelia's secret, what are they going to do? will aunts find out? will they fall in love? curious? come and read
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