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1ch1me Rating
Again, I'll say this first! I totally love Toda Megumi's illustrations, but also other stories that has been written by Emma Darcy! However, for this story, the main girl, Emily Ross became a crew member of a yacht own by a smuggler. She was caught and brought to Sheikh Zageo Bin Sultan Al Faran. Emily, as a crew member, was offered by the owner of the yacht to the sheikh to have for his bed!? Emily wants to go to Stone Town to see her sister, so when she met Jack and was offered to be a crew member, she agreed not knowing that he's a smuggler. Anyways, when Zageo learned that Emily was married, his eyes looked... As for Zageo, will Emily be the perfect woman he's been looking for!? Well, how about you read this very great story!? It's totally a MUST READ! I enjoyed it! Story and artwork are very wonderful, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
after getting caught by sheikh and due to the accusation emily has to stay as guest for few days till she is cleared and emily have sister that she needs to go and meet will sheikh help her? will she be cleared up? wil they fall in love with each other? come and read if u are curious its pretty good manga
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