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chicobaby04 Rating
I can understand why nico did not tell her about him being prince but im glad she had a best time of her life who would have thought shes going to get pregnant by nico not the sperm donor its really good story I really like it. its one of my favorite manga
1ch1me Rating
I totally love this story! First up, a strict lawyer, who wants to raise a child by herself because she and her friend thinks that "there's no need for men in either of our lives right now." But then a miracle happened when she met a 'gigolo' named Nico. Nico was the one who initiated to have talk with Regina, and she was surprised! He said his name is Nico Romano, while Regina told him her middle name, Kalina/Karla. After lots of talking between them, they went to a hotel. There Karla asked how much is he for 3 days!? Well, he told her that she should be the judge for how much she will pay after 3 days. They spent happy moments together, until paparazzi were suddenly calling him Prince Nico!? Well, you'll find more things when you read it yourself, like, if she'll change her view about men.! I suggest you read it because it's a pretty sweet love story, I would say! I really enjoyed reading it! Both story and artwork were so amazing, so I rate it 5 stars! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!
lovemekyoya Rating
Never judge a book by its cover the cover don't tell the story advice to women and this is the perfect story to represent that
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