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chicobaby04 Rating
its a nice manga not my favorite though but its nice story and little sad
1ch1me Rating
Wow! What a way to start the story! To start the story, the main girl's husband who was missing had just died in an accident along with an unidentifiable woman in the passenger seat, that's really heartbreaking for Ally. Then the time came when they discovered that the woman was a married Italian woman. And came to her mind that she'll go to the scene of the accident and meet with the duke, the woman's husband. There they meet, Allison Cummings Parker and Gino Di Montefalco. But things kind of got out of hand when she was imprisoned! But, when the truth was revealed that she was telling no lies, Gino brought her to his house. Things happened like them getting married for Sophia to have a mother or is there something else? Well, better read this to find out! The ending was really sweet! Overall, the story and the artwork were really great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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