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chicobaby04 Rating
this is one of three series, this one isnt my favorite though. its nice story but its sad that the millionaire club have a negative opinion about love, but im glad it works out
1ch1me Rating
Michael Hawkins, a computer genius who set up an Internet business, now leads the market. Along with other millionaire friends, Justin Langdon and Dylan Barrows, these 3 all grew up in the Granger Home for Boys. Back to the story, Kate Adams, Hawkins' secretary for 3 years, has been in love with her boss, Michael. There came a time when they spent the night together which resulted into Kate getting pregnant. After what happened, back to the company, Kate told Michael that she loves him as a man, but he told her that he can't give her something that he doesn't have, which is emotions, such as love or hate. Anyways, you'll see how Michael changed near the ending if you read this! I enjoyed reading it! The artwork was good while the story was great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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