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Mrl8 Rating
So cute if you like the best friends types of book loved it so glad I got to read it
FallenStar82 Rating
Too cute for words! A friendship turned romance is always fun.
chicobaby04 Rating
i like this manga, charlotte realized she loves gabe, and gabe doesnt realize it yet, and charlotte tries her best to get gabe to notice her but to no avail gabe provoked charlotte into betting if she could get married within a month, and now theres twist plot, will they fall in love? will they get married or did she finally love someone else? curious? come and read
1ch1me Rating
How wonderful the synopsis on this harlequin manga is! Well, I could say that it caught my eye to read it, because how can I not read this! The story begins when best friends, Gabe and Charlotte made a bet! They've known each other since they were 8 years old. The bet was Charlotte will have a man propose to her in a month! Will she win this time? The next day, she met a super handsome man and he's moving in next door to her house! His name is Jack Randall and he's been named the most eligible bachelor in their country! Then, a time came when Jack called Charlotte at work while Gabe was there to make amends with her, but...!? Gabe saw an article about Jack getting married to Charlotte!? Will he let Charlotte go or...!? I would say that it's better to read it yourself to see what exactly happened, if Jack is the one for her, will Gabe give up on the bet or will he just admit to his true feelings!? Story and artwork were really wonderful, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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