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chicobaby04 Rating
any sheikh stories is usually my favorite i really like this one, after the sheikh captured belle and imprisoned her thinking she was one of the accomplice to drug smuggling on rafiq's ship and after she told her side of story will rafiq help her? will they fall in love? will she be able to leave the place? curious? come and read
1ch1me Rating
This harlequin manga got my attention because it's Sagara Kyoko's illustration and the synopsis was interesting too, "What is Rafiq's purpose in marrying her?" The first page introduced a gem, "The Peacock's Eye's." Back to the story, Isabelle Margaret Winters, an archaeologist, went to the island of Q'roum which was supposed to be a peaceful island, but suddenly kidnapped by group of rebels along with her friend. Fortunately, someone rescued them and it was no other than Sheikh Al Akhtar also known as Rafiq. When she met him again, he told her, "In one week's time, I will make you my bride. This is fate." And the story goes on, I would say that I really enjoyed reading it because of how these two really suit each other. Anyways, I suggest you read this if you want to know what exactly his purpose in marrying her. The story and artwork were wonderful, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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