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Crabit Rating
It was a ok story . I just felt it was kind of rushed at the end like something was missing. The art work was ok not great but ok ? I only rented it because of review ... But try it for yourself everyone has different opinions ...
1ch1me Rating
Yvain Pilgrim was washed up onto the Island of Lions when the ship she was on sank. She was working as a maid for the Sandel couple, that's why she was on the ship. Fortunately, she was rescued by Don Juan de Conques y Aranda, and brought her to his mansion. When Yvain woke up, she was wondering where she was, then Juan showed up. He told her she could stay there, out of curiosity, Yvain assumed that he wants to hire her as a maid. But, Juan glared at her, what could this action of his mean? Then told her that he's merely inviting him to stay on the island as a guest. Afterwards, Yvain met a dog called Carlos and also learned that Juan has a woman named Raquel. Is she really? Anyways, she slowly fell in love with Juan and....... Well, as for the rest of the story, you better check it out yourself to see what exactly happened between them. The artwork and story were really good, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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