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chicobaby04 Rating
it sucks that cole couldnt give her some of time of his when she needed it desperately or confident in her of why hes changing his career that would prevent all misunderstanding and they wouldnt have to go all way around to get back together
1ch1me Rating
2 years ago, Lauren Martin & Cole Adams were deeply in love, but ended bitterly. As the synopsis stated, Lauren was assigned to do a story on Cole, she turned it down, however they still made her do it. She went to the awards night where Cole won an award, but then decided to go home, however they still met each other. These two first met in a club where Cole was singing with his band while Lauren was still a student. She asked Cole and his not so famous band at that time for an interview. And that was the starting point of Cole and his band to stardom. They had their sweet moments together as a couple, but 6 months later....... Anyways, the story was really great and I would love to tell more about the story, but it is better if you read it yourself. I love the few pages until the ending, it was so sweet! The artwork and story were brilliant, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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