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chicobaby04 Rating
one of my favorite, i love the drawing. this story is great, it touched me. i really recommend this manga
1ch1me Rating
Grace Beresford wanted to meet Duke Herrera in order to plead him to save her father, so she headed to Lion's Castle in Andalucia, Spain. But the butler told her that the Duke is not accepting visitors, however, she did not give up on meeting him. She found an unlocked door, then she sneaked in. Little did she know that someone was there and unleashed a dog on her. She climb the wall, but later faints. Unexpectedly, the man was Duke Hererra. He asked who she is, but when he learned who she was, he looked angry. However, he suddenly asked her for marriage!? Well, since Grace told him that she'd do everything for her father, she agreed to be married to him for a year. Anyways, lots of things happened, so it's better if you check it out to see what happened during their married life. Will they fall for each other? Well, all I could say is that, I enjoyed reading it. The ending was sweet & sad. Artwork and story were awesome, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
bethelove Rating
This is awesome and sweet story to read...
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