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chicobaby04 Rating
its nice story not my favorite but its nice, drawing is little off putting for me this is why i rate it 4
1ch1me Rating
Courtney Cross owns X Winds Farm, a horse farm, but she's left with $3 million debt by her late mother while Jack Falconer used to be a brilliant investment broker, now unemployed. What an unfortunate man he is, I thought at first, not only did his business partner ran off, his girlfriend also left him. These two met at a Racing Course. Big Brutus came from X Winds Farm and now Big Brutus's owner is Jack Falconer. After reading the whole story, I could say that Big Brutus is the one that linked them together and he's their lucky star. Courtney went to the racing course so that she could negotiate with investors for X winds to get back on track. Then, Jack tells her that there is a 'client' he knows who might sponsor. Anyways, you will find out who the client is, how they fell for each other, how they lived under the same roof, etc. So I suggest you read this to find out how the story went. Artwork and story were good, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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