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1ch1me Rating
Clea is the secretary of CEO Max, but she's also more than his secretary because she's also his lover by night. Clea loves Max, but does not want to tie him down just because she's pregnant with his baby. So while Max is away for a week, she'll quit her job without him knowing. But when Max heard that she's quitting her job, he asked if she's also ending their relationship. She said yes, but then ask why and then she told him that she's actually pregnant and so he asked her to marry him, but...? Anyways, if you want to know what exactly happened to these two that won't admit that they truly love each other, then you need to read this. See how they finally admitted that they want and love each other. See how Max wants her badly even when she's pregnant. I enjoyed reading it, the ending was cute and funny. The artwork and the story were good, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
Weeb4Life Rating
Not a fan of the art but I loved the story. Max is so self-absorbed and covets his freedom and bachelorhood so much that it's no wonder Clea rejects his proposal when she tells him she's pregnant, the guy isn't husband material and Clea won't tie down a man who'll only resent her for it and be unfaithful. Fast forward 4 months and we see a very cranky, 6-months-pregnant Clea who still doesn't trust a now very clingy Max, who's trying to make up for his previous neglect. The bulk of the story centres around this slice-of-life of Max realising more and more what his stupidity and selfishness have cost him and trying so hard not to lose any more; he's learning that his life no longer revolves around him and struggling to prove this to Clea, who's having to deal with pregnancy struggles and her own distrust of Max. Add in their parents for an extra dose of comedy and you have a laidback, fun and stress-free manga.
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