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1ch1me Rating
Lissa is very beautiful even without make-up on, but in order to earn money, she needs to hide who she truly is behind heavy make-ups. Xavier is so handsome and also rich. He thinks that "love" is ridiculous, but will Lissa be the one to change his opinion about "love"? Lissa's love life, on the other hand, ended along with the terrible accident that happened in her past. These two met not by chance but to make sure that Xavier's little brother's "fiancee" is not one of those women who's only after their money. Xavier and Lissa's love story was bittersweet. Xavier wants Lissa badly, but she already has someone precious to her? Anyways, if you wanna know what the terrible accident was, that ended her love life, or if she really is the woman that Armand plans to marry? Then you must read this wonderful story to know the answers to those questions. The ending was great! Both the story and artwork were amazing, so I rate it 5 stars. I definitely recommend it!
Majala Rating
Somewhat formulaic but a good romance story with some lovely art work.
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