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Even if this turns into a great love story, the first "romantic" encounter involves the main love interest drugging the protagonist
Zero story, hated the premise ... I'm sorry I wasted my money on this
I read this short story of three chapters because I love the artwork and was drawn over from the "Serviceman" series ... I adore Yoshimi ... Rio and his brother Shinobu look a great deal like him so it was the fantastic artwork that drew me. I really like the work of this manga artist ... it's hard to compare the two different series as one is long and multi-layered with a deepening love and this is so short with two brothers fighting over the same girl ... misunderstanding, amnesia ... so not the most original, but well worth a read
Terrible. Good artwork to be fair, but unbelievably predictable story ... the workaholic boss, the Secretary waiting to be noticed ... and so little chemistey between the two, it's hard to call it a romance. There nay gqve been one kiss, it's hard to remember. Vaguely sweet in sickly, cliché story
Genuinely entertaining ... a sweet love story of a tomboy growing up and trying to win a bet with her childhood friend. So different from the cliché romance stories. A breath of fresh air.
I wish I'd read the reviews before starting this
A promising premise but so short that it was hard to feel any empathy with any of the characters
Yes, there is an unexpected pregnancy here which usually has me running for the hills but this is gently funny with 4 brothers and a grown up son all trying to protect a runaway girl ... I really enjoyed this and would recommend!
It's a typical Harlequin happily ever after but it does have a little more depth tackling domestic violence and control. Lovely artwork so 4 stars.
I'm stuck between a 3 and 4. It's yet another "marriage of convenience" except this time it is the hero trying to convince the heroine not to make a fake marriage and to believe in love. There's no chemistry between the two lead characters, no development of romance, no major declaration until the last couple of pages and it's really hard to believe in any passion but the art work is really beautiful.
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