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Interesting to see the evolution of the artwork by this well known artist who has such a distinctive style. This most be Earithen's early work becore it became more stylised. Not my favourite story but for fan's of this artist, it's well worth a look to see how her style has evolved.
I ended up really enjoying this - the artwork seemed childish to begin with but perfectly suited the story which the artist turned from a standard "fake marriage" trope to a gentle and funny romcom. It was so much more than the standard 2-dimensional Harlequin stories and a breath of fresh air. Recommended!
Great and great story - finally something that is not a paper thin plot with two dimensional characters. Great story and genuine empathy with the two leads.
Stereotypical story, not a fan of the artwork
Nice artwork - the artist works hard with the story but it dates back to the 70s with a few male/female stereotypes as a result. The artist works hard to bring it up to date with a modern feel but places the characters in 60s style outfits which makes a nice change and refreshing look.
Some nice artwork but the story itself is paper thin
I really enjoyed this - a sweet story of two damaged people from very different backgrounds and the usual happily every after. A feel good story.
Good, nice artwork- modern story and art to match but the end was rushed a long slow build up and then over in the last couple of pages.
Some nice artwork but there is no story and no chemistry between the characters.
I needed more from this story - it was so condensed that we never got the back story on the con artist sorry, how the MC broke free, why Rocco was born into poverty after coming from a wealthy family - and so we are left with an absolutely standard and predictable Harlequin plot - disappointing