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chicobaby04 Rating
i can understand why the princess had a need of getting away from royal for a break to roam around the city and have a freedom for little bit, marine were hired to be the bodyguard and tour guide, they got a doc who write note telling king that shes sick and need to stay in bed and rest for few days little they did know king already knew about the plan and were working with the marine, marine had to report on the activity but later along the way he started to fell for her and his report was less and less, then king found out what were happening, whats going to happen next? want to know come and read i recommend this
1ch1me Rating
This is yet another lovely story between a man who does not have royal blood running through his veins and a princess, "The Marine & the Princess". After Princess Vanessa finishes her duty in NY, she'll announce her engagement, but she wants to "escape" from the prison of being guarded at all times to have more fun in NY. In order to "escape", of course she'll need a man that can keep it a secret. Mark Wilder is a marine who will be her "bodyguard" while she stays in NY. As time goes by, these two slowly fell for each other, but Mark was thinking about what can a marine like him do for a Princess. Anyways, I conclude that it was thrilling how they tried to escape the guards at first, then it was sad because of what she learned near the ending that caused a misunderstanding, however the ending was great! So, I suggest you read this great love story between an ordinary man and a princess. Overall, 5 stars for both great story and artwork. I definitely recommend it!
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