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chicobaby04 Rating
its really a sweet story, im glad her grandfather searched for her and found her, and he offered to pay for her school, she can move in the mansion along with other stuff at first she refused because she didnt want nothing to do with dell because she doesnt want to be reminded of her father but cade convinced her into it, she agreed, and cade took her around to work, vineyard and stuff like that and during that time cade tried to resist his desire for her but later on the desire won over both of them, they both agree to be in physical relationship only no love though and well guess what happen? curious? come and read to find out
1ch1me Rating
Tess Richie is a beautiful woman who is living alone and believed that she has no family. One day, a man named Cade Lorimer appeared in front of her claiming she's an heiress, much to her surprise, she still has a family who's still alive, but unfortunately he's now in a hospital, her grandfather. Cade is handsome and rich, so it's no doubt that women would flock around him, but thinks that they are only after his money. Tess is different since she fell in love with him deeply, however she was rejected by Cade? What's the reason behind it? What's holding him back? Is it because she is Dell's, his adoptive father, granddaughter? Anyways, the answers to those questions can only be found in the story, so why not read this wonderful story to find out what happened to their love story? As for me, the ending made me happy for the both of them! It was a fantastic story! Fantastic story and great artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!
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