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chicobaby04 Rating
its really a sad story, the girl who lied about whole thing is a big turn off i did not like her story but then again usually theres an villain in the story im glad willa and clay were able to work everything out, i recommend this manga
1ch1me Rating
Willa is a pitiful woman because she is being blamed for something she couldn't do. As soon as they saw her in town, they would ignore her and she was also being named as "parasitic black sheep." She was being called that because of what happened 5 years ago which also caused her to be chase out. She trusted Clay, the man she loves, but since it was his little sister who died he kinda ignored her too. Even though Clay believes that Willa took his little sister away from him, he is still attracted to her as a woman. Wanna know what happens after the truth has been revealed about what happened 5 years ago? Then you must read it to find out! Anyways, the ending was great! Both artwork and story were great! I definitely recommend it!
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